Marsha endeavor Jewelry

Marsha enjoys making unique statement jewelry. Up-cycling metallic bits from old costume jewelry and electronic devices is always on her to do list. She uses colored hemp strands, embroidery floss, chain, wire, glass beads and handmade polymer beads. Every piece can be customized or commissioned with occasions and materials  in mind. 

Please check out our page for a list of fairs and events that you can see Patchwork Creations of CT at!

Jenn Firmin & Marsha Gaylord  are the artists behind the unique patchwork of artisan crafts.

Jenn has a long and storied tradition of creating pieces of pottery that are innovative and bohemian. Geometric vases accented with petals pair nicely in some of her larger scale ceramic work

She also creates India Ink canvass painting with solid acrylic backgrounds